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NEW: Expanded Electric Lineup

NEW: Expanded Electric Lineup


We knew that Harley-Davidson going electric was a long-time coming. Electric bikes are the future, and Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich knows it. As a pioneer for the future, the motorcycle brand has launched an aggressive campaign to target people who would otherwise not be interested in motorcycles. With a hope to entice millennial, female, novice, and international riders, Harley-Davidson is focusing on engineering smaller bikes as well as the first electric model.

Expanding The Lineup

Explore the sleek new electric bikes created by Harley-Davidson at our Kansas City dealership! We are expecting a release in 2019. It's no secret that HD has been struggling to reach younger buyers and has been straggling behind auto industry in the EV department. Since many Millennials are all about conserving energy and convenient transits, EV motorcycles could easily take over as the next main mode of transportation.

What To Expect?

Motorists in India can expect a 250cc-500cc motorcycle. Next year we will see the very first electric motorcycle with varying lightweight and smaller models, which will continue expanding until 2022. However, Harley-Davidson does want to focus on their traditional heavyweight models, like the Cruiser. Motorists can also expect a new 500-cc-1250cc middleweight platform in the future!

Can We Expect Other Types Of Electric Rides?

Perhaps. While Harley-Davidson is planning on expanding the EV lineup drivers might be surprised to learn that this selection may include scooters and even bicycles! Sources at TechCrunch insinuate talks of “an exciting portfolio of two-wheeled electric vehicles” someday, possibly including an innovative e-scooter and bicycle. All models or prototypes are designed to complement the EVs.

If you're excited about the Harley-Davidson brand, then you know that the LiveWire E-Moto was announced earlier this year and will hit showrooms in 2019. The project is set to take 18 months to complete. According to CFO John Olin, Harley-Davidson expects to spend $25 million to $50 million on EV infrastructure.

A Design For The Ages

So what will the LiveWire E-Moto look like and what makes it tick? The electric model comes clad with plenty of notable features available on the LiveWire concept. Drivers might see a 460-pound battery, 74-hp, and a 93-mph top speed. The concept can ride 50 miles with an automatic drivetrain.


The largest Harley engines run at around 1,700-cubic-centimeters and weigh over 1,000-LBS, making the new lineup vastly different from its signature HOGs. These changes will expand sales overseas in the India and China areas. Harley is increasingly investing in manufacturing locations overseas to avoid tariffs. In India, tariffs increase the cost of a motorcycle.

Taxation is a rising problem for motorcycle companies like Harley-Davidson. An article from CNBC highlighted Trump's criticisms on the brand and their decision to expand overseas, rather than the United States. Despite the backlash, Harley-Davidson's CEO Levatich has decided to charge forward.

The Cost Of Production

According to a recent report by CNBC, The Trump administration's tariff has levied a 25% tax on steel and aluminum imports. India levies a 100% tariff against Harley's motorcycles that are made in the United States. At present, Harley-Davidson has locations in Brazil, India, and Thailand to reach those advancing markets.

Given the state of the current tariffs in place, Harley-Davidson's added costs from the global trade conflict could end up as high as $100 million annually by 2019, according to CFO John Olin. As we all patiently wait for the results of HD's income statement, we will see how well these electric motorcycles can appease urban consumers and the countries they reside in.