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Windshields... They Do More Than Kill Bugs.

To help you determine which windshield is best for you, here’s some Windshield 411 on going from windblown fatigue to easy aerodynamic riding by selecting the right windshield.

Windshields are available in multiple styles and heights to accommodate your individual needs.  The trick is to select the right size and style of windshield for your bike, riding style and conditions.  Proper height allows you to look over the windshield while the airflow rises up and over the top of your head.  To avoid looking through bug spats and road grime, choose a windshield that tops out just below your line of sight.  To further protect you from the elements, create an air management system by combining windshields with air deflectors.  All Harley-Davidson windshields are made from hard-coated polycarbonate – a tough, resilient material that resists abrasion and scratching and offers protection from rocks and other road debris.

Fork Mounted Windshields 
They are available in both detachable and quick-release designs.  Quick-release windshields attach to a bike’s front tubes with a stylish die cast lever locking clamps that result in a clean custom look without the leave behind docking hardware. Fork Mounted shields are quick to attach or detach, and the transition requires no tools.

  • Sport
  • Compact
  • King
  • Ventilator
  • Wind Splitter

Fairing-Mounted Windshields 
The next options are windshields that offer protection and style for bikes with a fixed fairing.

  • Standard
  • Wind Splitter

Air and Wind Deflectors 
Deflectors are designed to maximize rider comfort by extending the windshield’s coverage for superior protection in any weather.

  • Adjustable Air Deflectors
  • Road Glide Wind Deflectors
  • Soft Lowers
  • Fork-Mounted Wind Deflectors

Remember: Gail's Harley-Davidson offers demo rides for windshields in our Windshield Demo Program, so you can try before you buy to avoid purchasing a windshield that doesn’t fit your needs.