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If you're looking for a challenge, check out our Skilled Rider Course! Put your ride to the test with our Saturday courses that run from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Our students use their motorcycles, and we welcome all makes! Stop in and enjoy a challenging course.

Come prepared with the following: DOT approved helmet, long-sleeve shirt or jacket, motorcycle license, proof of valid motorcycle insurance, protective goggles or glasses, and motorcycle.


My wife, Robin, and I completed the Basic Rider's Course at Gail's HD this past Sunday. I wanted to take a few minutes and pass on to you my impressions of the course.

Our instructor/coach, Martin Studdard, was absolutely excellent. Also, Jay Richards, who assisted on the riding range, was terrific as well. Both of your men exhibited superb instruction skills, were extremely patient, and went to great effort to make the class fun and safe for everyone. I came into the class having previous experience, but had not been on a motorcycle for over 35 years. My wife had never even sat on a motorcycle until the first day on the range Saturday. While we both passed the course, we came away with much more than a certificate. Because of the instruction we received, I feel we will both be much better riders, and have a great appreciation for being safe and responsible motorcyclists. My wife commented to me that the course was one of the hardest things she has ever undertaken, but one of the most satisfying experiences she has ever had. She is even excited about the prospect of getting her own motorcycle, and not be content to be just a passenger on our Tri Glide. The fact that she could achieve this level of confidence after just two days on the riding range is testament to the quality of your instruction program.
I thought you might like to know that your boys are doing a helluva job with the riding academy. It is obvious that Martin and Jay enjoy teaching, and are highly skilled in adult learning concepts. Thank you for what you are doing there at Gail's Harley-Davidson, and please pass along to Martin and Jay our appreciation for what they have given us...a passport to lifetime of new adventures!

Hi Larry, just wanted to thank you again for all your help and patience. I was a nervous wreck as expected throughout the whole class, but Brian and Elaine were fantastic, and I was wholly impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. The curriculum was well organized and the riding aspects well paced, and though a little anxiety provoking at times, Elaine especially managed to make them fun. The pizza party and "victory lap" were rewarding and nice surprises at the end! I felt more confident and prepared as a beginner rider, and I will definitely recommend the class!

I took the class in July of 2018. My reasons to attend were to become familiar with current best driving practices, and to understand my physical and mental ability to drive a motorcycle. I am a 64 old male, with a replaced hip, arthritis and bad knees, that needed a trial run. I also wanted to know what type, if any motorcycle would be right for myself and my abilities. I had ridden and owned motorcycles and a 3 wheeled ATV over 35 years ago, but gave them up, for family and financial reasons. I didn't want to make mistakes, and not be able to choose or make the right decisions, when driving, or when choosing the right motorcycle for myself, I didn't want, to buy one on a whim, that would just sit in storage.

Our class was a very diverse group, age ranges from the 20's on up, and with all different backgrounds, and experiences with motorcycles, and a couple people, in our class, had no experience. I was impressed and surprised how well it went! The lessons were clear, easy to understand, and at a pace that was right for everyone. Our Coach (Dan Matt) was personally asking each one of us, as we advanced through the lessons, if we had clarity and had picked up the practices, that would keep us safe on the road. Along with knowing, how to handle the type of hazards, that may be out there, that affect a motorcyclist, differently than in a car.

The days consisted of lessons and actual riding experiences. We had great equipment that ran well, and had many safety bars, for the new riders. I enjoyed the riding and it reinforced my decision, to get back into enjoying life on a bike!

I was very impressed with my overall experience and thought it was a great investment in my time and my safety when riding. I couldn't wait to get started again, and stopped on my way home after graduation, at the DMV to get my license.

Many Thanks, to my Coach, my classmates, and to Gail's Harley Davidson for providing the class and the experience!

Ride Safe, Ride Smart!

Lyne Smith

*Please be aware that we have a "no refund" policy less than 30 days prior to your scheduled class. All attempts will be made to reschedule for situations that apply.*