Gail's Powersports
5900 MO-150, Grandview, MO 64030


"I wanted to say a few words about Gail’s Harley Davidson.As a female Harley rider, I find myself spending a lot of time in many Harley dealerships.

Here’s what I love about Gail’s Harley Davidson -I’m treated as an equal.Face it, there are more men than women who ride (although we are quickly catching up!) and It’s important to me to be treated the same.Gail’s staff go above and beyond to make sure I get the same treatment in service, parts, motor clothes and sales.

I went to Gail’s for the Riding Academy new rider course.Soon after, I purchased my bike and I was hooked.It’s AWESOME!I completed the skilled rider course and have attended many workshops and purchased lots of motor clothes and parts at Gail’s.I’ve never been singled out as a girl.Always equal.Always respected.That’s why Gail’s has my business.It doesn’t take long before you become a friend and a part of the Gail’s Harley Davidson family."

Let’s Ride!
Jana Belzer

"I am a Gail’s Harley Davidson loyal customer because Gail is always there, she actually rides, she has ridden or owned just about every motorcycle she sells, she actually talks to you and listens.  That passion and excitement exudes from her onto her staff. 

I have been going to Gail’s Harley Davidson for at least 5 years, maybe more.  I have personally purchased 3 motorcycles from this dealership.  I feel comfortable when I walk in because they treat you like part of the family. When I first decided to ride I was hesitant due to a really bad experience with a past motorcycle safety course.  I saw Gails’ course and watched a little bit and then asked about the course. The salesman took me up to view the motorcycles they ride, allowed me to sit on one to show me how safe I would be and explained how the course was taught by prior or current policemen who taught the motorcycle safety for their fellow officers. He knew my bad experience and did everything to make me feel more comfortable. 

When I talked about trading in my Sportster the staff helped build the Streetglide to my liking. I am 5’4” and I couldn’t touch the ground all the way and I wanted to, so they helped me get more comfortable on my motorcycle by putting lowering blocks on them. My husband tried to have them take it off of them, a little too soon for my comfort level, and they told me they wouldn’t do it unless I told them to! That meant the world to me! They care about me, not just the business I give them."

Angie Everson

"As a female motorcycle rider, one of the most welcoming and comforting aspects of purchasing and servicing my motorcycle at Gails Harley Davidson is the amazing unbiased customer service I receive.  The minute I roll into the service bay I am greeted with a smile from Nick and Paul, they ask me how my bike is running and any issues I have noticed.  They answer any question I have, and explain to me exactly what they are doing to my bike.  They empower and educate every time I interact with them.  Purchasing a motorcycle was no different.  Both motorcycles I have purchased from Gails have been done with exceptional attention to detail by Andy.  He was beyond professional in making sure the bikes were a perfect fit for me, recommended modifications to ensure my ride is flawless, and taught me about the benefits to any adjustment we made. In fact, he encouraged me to purchase my 2019 Roadglide.  I was considering a different bike and he insisted I test ride a Roadglide before making my decision.  He knew my riding style and my travel goals, and knew it was the best motorcycle for my needs.  Turns out, it WAS the perfect bike for me and he nailed it 100%!  

At every turn in this dealership, every female rider will be met with friendly, helpful, encouraging advice and help.  Every time I enter this dealership I am treated as any rider should be.  I love this dealership and I would not purchase a motorcycle from anywhere else.  Check them out ladies!  You will not be disappointed and will walk away with the level of empowerment and satisfaction you should expect from every automotive and motorcycle dealership.  They will earn your business for life. Keep up the great work team!"

Jennifer Brown